Concierge-Style Personal Training, Coaching, & Accountability For High-Performing Professionals
We offer the most EFFEKTive coaching and accountability to take your personal training to a whole new level… with a customized plan that covers everything you need to reach your health and fitness goals.

Personalized Training Designed to Get Real Results on Your Terms & Lifestyle

How Our EFFEKT 1-on-1 Personal Training, Coaching, and Accountability System Works

1-on-1 Coaching & Accountability

We're not giving you a plan and setting you free... you're getting an assigned EFFEKT coach who will personally work with you and hold you accountable every. day.

Customized Workout Plans

The best plan is the plan that works for YOU and your lifestyle and schedule, which is why you're getting a plan custom created for you and only you to follow!

1-on-1 Workout Sessions w/ Coach

There's a reason why people with personal trainers get better results: it's because they have someone side by side with them working out! We'll do this together via Zoom or FaceTime once per week!

Simple Nutrition Plans That Work

Nutrition plans aren't useful if they're impossible to follow or require expensive food and frequent trips to the grocery store, so we're giving you simple plans that work for YOU!

Daily & Weekly Goals For You

Our EFFEKT coaches dive in to set you daily and weekly goals that are both attainable and challenging enough to give you something clear to work towards so you can celebrate wins and progress!

Your Own Personal Trainer

Most of all, you'll have someone in your corner rooting for you, supporting you, and encouraging you. You'll be in close contact with your coach daily to stack on track, keep momentum, and get results!

Six Reasons Why Our Coaching & Personal Training is More EFFEKTive Than The Rest

Here at EFFEKT we’re changing the way that the health and fitness world works. Rather than spending hours in the gym, we’re more interested in giving clients an EFFEKTive plan and strategy that minimizes time while maximizing results… knowing that an effective workout is far more important than a long workout!

Training Setup Uniquely For You

Most personal trainers have generic plans that they give clients, with no consideration to their clients’ existing habits, preferred activities, or what they find enjoyable. Instead, our customized plans consider all of those things, because we know that the more you enjoy the training plan and schedule, the more likely you are to complete it!

Daily Adjustments & Check-Ins

The greatest thing that personal trainers can provide with their time is accountability, which is why we firmly believe in showing up with you and for you every single day in your health and fitness journey so that you’re never alone and always find that added source of motivation and consistency. If you show up for you, we’ll show up for you!

Can Be Done Any Time & Anywhere

We’ve heard too many people get thrown off their normal good habits and behavior when things in life change, which is why we intentionally design a plan and strategy that you can do any time and anywhere… and in fact, wherever you go, your personal EFFEKT trainer and coach will be working out alongside you on FaceTime or Zoom every week!

Minimal Time; Maximum Results

We do NOT measure workouts in hours or minutes. Instead, we only focus on EFFEKTive workouts and actions. When you’re with us, we’re committed to giving you the plan, the strategies, and the only things you need to focus on to maximize results while minimizing time… because we want to see you enjoy your healthy life doing the things you love!

Plans That You Can Actually Follow

Because our coaching and training is catered to you and your unique schedule, preferences, habits, and behaviors, we’re committed to not only giving you a plan that you can and will follow to results, but your coach will constantly be fine-tuning that plan to ensure that it meets your needs wherever you are. The best plan is the one that you stick to!

Proven By Over 10,000 People

Our Head Trainer (Coach Marc) has played professional soccer in Germany, has lived on three continents, and has helped over 10,000 people get into the best shape of their lives… and his methods have been proven and loved by people in countries around the globe. It’s what gives us the EFFEKT advantage… and now it’s time for you to experience it!

Training Designed To Push You, Motivate You, & Deliver Results​​

💪 The Most Efficient & EFFEKTive Workouts We know you’re busy, which is why every workout is designed to get you efficient results. Don’t waste time thinking about what to do… open your app and follow your coach’s plan!


🏌️‍♂️ Focus Areas Built Unique to Your Goals Ready to finally get rid of that belly? Never miss a leg day so your golf game stays strong? Looking to improve your flexibility? Get a workout plan that is based on your short- and long-term goals.


🧘‍♀️ Varied Workouts to Keep You Going Keep things fresh while focusing on total body and fitness improvements, with multi-week training programs strategically planned by your personal coach to challenge you and deliver results.​

Nutrition Tracking That Drives Healthy Decisions Daily​

🥦 Faster Results & A Healthier Life

There’s a reason why fitness professionals say that “abs are made in the kitchen,” and it’s because your nutrition will either accelerate or decelerate your results. Time to commit!


👨‍🍳 Simple Meal Plans Anyone Can Follow

Meal plans only work if they work for you, so your coach will help you put together a plan that you’ll follow based on your lifestyle… whether you cook, eat out, snack, or are Gordon Ramsay!


🏋️‍♀️ Macros That Support Your Movements

Not all calories are created equally, which is why your coach will guide you through the right distribution of proteins, carbs, and fats to make sure your nutrition is supporting your goals!

Accountability That Finally Stops You From Breaking Promises to Yourself!

🙏 Long-Lasting Results With Habits That Matter

Whether you’re committed to meditating more, sleeping more, drinking more water, or just want to track your progress when it comes to weight or BMI, we’ll build habits that stick.


✅ Friendly Reminders to Keep You on Track

With daily reminders, check-ins, and support from your coach, you’ll always remember what’s important in your pursuit of reaching a better you… and we’ll be there to help!


🏆 Consistency & Achievements to Celebrate

We’re firm believers that the proof is in the pudding, which is why you’ll get progress reports, updates, and milestones to celebrate alongside your coach as you stay on track day in and day out.
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“I must say that Coach Marc changed my life. The expertise he offers is truly amazing, and I know that when I follow his advice and tips that I'm in good hands. I lost 35 pounds within a year of following his strategies and approach, and I'm forever grateful.”
– Jimmy, Germany


“I just saw my family for the first time since I started Coach Marc's program and they were amazed! They seriously couldn't believe how good I looked and how much of a transformation I went through. I can't wait to finish my before and after pictures!”
– Leanna, California


“Coach Marc – you should be delighted to know that every time I listen to your advice, it works! I've lost 25 pounds since the summer, and I'm going to continue listening to your advice and following your strategies!”

– Maile, Hawaii

What’s Better Than Testimonials?

Real life messages and results from our clients… that’s what!

Is EFFEKT's Personal Training, Coaching, and Accountability Right for You?

There are a lot of reasons why people decide to finally make the decision to work with a personal trainer or coach. Maybe you want to lose weight, maybe you want to feel and look better, or maybe you’ve reached the point in life where you’ve realized how important it is to truly be healthy and alive and you want to invest in your health and wellness.

Whatever your reasons are, my commitment to my 10,000+ clients over the past decade and more has always been the same: I want you to see the best version of yourself that you’ve ever seen, and I want you to feel better than you ever have before!
From my years as a professional footballer and my career afterwards as a personal trainer, I’ve consistently seen the small but EFFEKTive actions, habits, and strategies that bring the real results, and I’m excited to be able to work directly with you to transform YOUR results.
And – we’re going to do it in a way that you’ve never seen before. From daily check-ins via text messages to weekly 1-on-1 workouts together over Zoom or FaceTime to a clear and customized workout and nutrition plan that we’ll fine-tune and optimize according to YOUR behaviors, we’re going to get you the best results you’ve ever seen.
All in less time, with maximum results. How am I sure of this? Because I’ve discovered the most EFFEKTive way to get things done, and I know that effectiveness is not measured in hours or minutes, but effectiveness is measured by results.
Ready to see the EFFEKT difference? You know what to do…
– Coach Marc
Still Have Questions? We’ve Got Answers!
Is this personal training?
It’s personal training… and so much more! We like to think of our EFFEKT coaching as personal training beyond just the training! Why? Because we take a personalized approach to your overall health and fitness journey: from a customized workout plan to a simple nutrition plan that works for you to weekly 1-on-1 workouts alongside your coach and trainer to daily accountability check-ins!
How does it work if we’re far apart?
Having perfected our coaching approach in-person in Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Florida, we’ve developed this coaching and accountability program to work for people all over the world via the internet. This means that you’ve always got access to your coach via text message, email, and phone, and we’ll be working out together in the gym or at home via Zoom or FaceTime. Distance is never an excuse when you’re committed!
How long do I need to commit for?
Commit? When it comes to health and wellness, we like to think it’s a lifelong commitment! But in all seriousness, our coaching and accountability is designed around YOUR availability and level of commitment, so you can save money by committing to yourself and your journey for three or six months at a time, or you can even go month to month and cancel any time!
I’m ready… or not ready… what’s next?
If you’re ready, then we’ve been waiting for you! Simply click any of the giant blue buttons above to sign up and get your coach reaching out to you to kickstart your customized plan. If you’re not ready, we’ve got a “Let’s Talk” link for you to get on the phone with our Head Trainer (Coach Marc himself!) to ask any and all questions you have about your unique circumstances.